Monday, January 4, 2010

Pentoo, another security distro

Pentoo, another security distro which intro by my china friend who playing Back Track with me along.

i had tested with my EEEPC 1005HA, it is very fast compared to BT4. Of coz BT4 is slower due to the x windows client is KDE3.x.

There's 2 things really impressed me which are latest kernel 2.6.32 and 2x CUDA Apps. The advantages of new kernel is more driver supported and i can use EXT4, i like this File System pretty much due to better performance. Yet, the CUDA Apps really make use the processing speed of CUDA, it is really good in brute force.

There's a GUI thingy called Fast Track Web Interface to allow people who are not familiar with linux have better life to play with this tools. This kind of GUI thingy also available in other security distro like NST.

I plan to install the Pentoo in my eeepc ,but my china friend ask me to wait for BT4 due to Bt4 final will release in this month. As i see from current development, the BT4 will come with Kernel 2.6.29 and my eeepc wireless card is able to detected automatically. I can install it thru source code but look like not so PERFECT already.

Well, let see what happen in BT4 after release.

Please see the Pentoo screenshot which i took by vmware

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