Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st blog of 2010 - CUDA enabled GPGPU

this is my 1st blog in 2010 after i stopped blogging for almost half year.

As we know the brute force attack is required high speed processing power in order to achieve it.
but nowadays brute force attack can be done a normal home use PC. Thanks to NVIDIA who make the CUDA chipset to speed up the calculation of processing speed.

1 years ago, i dont see many of the CUDA based applications available in internet. With the effort of programmers, they had done some CUDA apps for brute force which is available in BackTrack 4 and Pentoo security distro.

Recently, ASUS has announced their home made super computer which is powered by CUDA GPGPU. It is very cheap like 200-300 USD per teraflops

As we can see, more and more CUDA based applications will be available soon. It is good because the calculation speed is speed up and the price is lower down whereas It is bad for people who have evil mindset.

Nothing to be safe if CUDA really make use in the our life. Any crypto can be decrypt within very few minutes or less.

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